A little about me ...

      I have been born in 1966 year. I have moved on the wheelchair from July 1973 year, it is from the moment when I had an accident. By that reason I have an injury of backbone on the Th8 level and inert legs.

      I try to live actively and rather normally. Movement is my favourite action, I used to play basketball on wheelchairs in Warsaw club KSN Start. Now I play table tennis, I take part in wheelchair racing, street runs.

      I haven't got any concret hobby, but different forms of movement are something what I like very much. I have to allude about tourism, it gives me many positive impressions and experiences. I love mountains and nature.

      I am an realist man streaked with romantic. Sometimes I am old-fashioned. I have smaller and bigger dreams, one of they is e.g. flight balloon. My aspiration is shopping of new active wheelchair, there is more about it in the bookmark "Purpose of support" where I invite You to.

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